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Vagina Dentata: Mountain Sister

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Vagina Dentata is the solo endeavor of Iza Mortag Freund, a multidisciplinary artist residing in underground clubs, art galleries, and theatres worldwide.  Her newly composed piece Mountain Sister combines music, performance, and experimental stage art. Befitting for an artist named Vagina Dentata – literally "vagina with teeth", a constant source of castrating horror in folk tales across cultures – the piece is a poetic yet harsh exploration of the female psyche and the contrast between the light and dark. 

Mountain Sister combines a simple theatrical setup with an exploration of movement, expressive voice- and bodywork, and hard-hitting, soaring music reaching both the ethereal and dark depths of the avant-garde. The theremin is used as a spherical sound machine, elongating every movement, while droning, pulsating rhythms constantly move the piece forward. Combined with a versatile, multifaceted use of the human voice, the result is a live-staged soundscape where the here and now is constantly under improvisational attack.

Commissioned by Klang with support from KOD/DKF.

Photo: Malte Folke Ivarsson


Musikhuset København

Vesterbrogade 59 1620 København V

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Vagina Dentata

Solo artistic endeavor of avant-garde artist Iza Mortag Freund created in 2013 in Berlin and generally residing in underground clubs, art galleries, and theatres worldwide.