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Agata Zemla (1994)

Polish composer, multimedia artist, and biologist working in the area of engaged music. For Zemla, that means including journalistic content in her compositions and touching on political, sociological, psychological, and natural themes.

Alexander Schubert (1979)

German composer exploring the cross-genre interfaces between acoustic and electronic music. The most characteristic feature of his work is the combination of different musical styles (like hardcore, free jazz, popular electronic music, techno) with contemporary classical concepts.

Anton Mandix

Danish composer studying at MGK with teacher and composer Daniel Fladmose.

Athelas Sinfonietta

Ensemble based in Copenhagen. Since its foundation in 1990, Athelas has been established as the foremost ensemble for contemporary music in Denmark. In 2009, the ensemble initiated Athelas New Music Festival which later became Klang Festival.

August Fogh Hauskov

Danish composer studying at MGK with teacher and composer Daniel Fladmose.

Basel Sinfonietta

Full symphonic orchestra specializing in contemporary music. Driven by its commitment to perform music in tune with the times, the Basel Sinfonietta has been transcending classical concert conventions since its founding in 1980

Cathy Miliken (1956)

Internationally award-winning performer and composer and founding member of Ensemble Modern known for her evocative instrumental and vocal works.

Christian Winther Christensen (1977)

Danish composer who likens his music to the two- faced Janus and writes post-apocalyptic music after the end of music. Extended preparation techniques turn familiar instruments into distorted echoes.

Connor McLean (1996)

Composer and performer from Chicago living and working in Copenhagen. In his work, varying forms of media, performance practice and musical traditions converge.


Musician- and composer collective with a mission to advance diversity on the Danish music scene. The collective performs music by women, non-binary, and transgender people, and experiments with collective co-creation of music.

Diana Soh (1984)

Singaporean composer residing in Paris since 2011. Soh's work is based on the idea that all music is experiential and there to teach us how to feel and how to love, and so she uses music as a means of responding to the world around her.

Ensemble Apparat

Berlin-based ensemble exploring the myriad contexts of brass instruments within new music and sound art. They have presented work at a large number of international festivals and have spearheaded numerous new large-scale chamber works for brass.

Ensemble Ascolta

German ensemble that has been expanding the horizons of the contemporary music landscape since its inception in 2003. The ensemble has commissioned and performed about 250 new works.

Ensemble Transduct

Ensemble dedicated to the strangest and most adventurous forms of musical art. The ensemble works in the borderland between music, performance, and multimedia art, often with a touch of absurdity.

Fei Nie (1989)

Copenhagen-based pianist and performer specializing in contemporary music. She received her master's degree from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 2014 and is a founding member of ensemble NEKO3. Nie has received Klang's Pelle-Prize.

Franciska & Emilie

An improvisational duo, drawing inspiration from classical music, musique concrète, noise, and drone music, creates atmospheric, intimate, and peculiar soundscapes, crafted from field recordings and tape manipulations.

Freja Karlsmose Kliem

Danish composer studying at MGK with teacher and composer Daniel Fladmose.

Gemma Ragués Pujol (1993)

Composer, writer, and performer specialized in contemporary and experimental music. Her pieces seek to be absurd, puzzling, and funny.

Gertrud Exner (1972)

Actor, director, singer, and artistic director of TeaterBLIK. In 2015, she received a Reumert for children's performance of the year for her theatrical work 'Tivoli'.

Isabel Mundry (1963)

German composer whose work is characterized by a differentiated tonal language in which she reflects on the relationships between time, space, and perception.

Jens Rønsholdt Madsen

Danish composer studying at MGK with teacher and composer Daniel Fladmose.

Jonas Færgeman

Danish composer studying at MGK with teacher and composer Daniel Fladmose.

Josh Spear

Composer-performer who recently completed a fellowship at the Norwegian Academy of Music. Longstanding member of the composer-performer group Bastard Assignments since 2014.

Joss Smith (1993)

Joss Smith is a Welsh composer and performer who writes both instrumental and multimedia works. His work is linked by a focus on the perception of small changes in order to build tension and subvert compositional trajectories.

Kasper Houmøller

Danish composer studying at MGK with teacher and composer Daniel Fladmose.

Kelley Sheehan (1989)

American composer and musician moving between electro-acoustic, multimedia, and performance art works. Her work focuses on sculpting noise, shifting materiality, housing structures, machinery, and grappling with the sustainability of electronics within a climate crisis.


Trio based in Wrocław specialising in new music. Often leaving their instruments in favor of cables, keyboards, dancing, or singing, the trio perform pieces that are engaged and engaging.

Kristian Rymkier (1977)

Composer and musician based in Copenhagen. He has written chamber-, vocal-, and orchestra pieces as well as sound installations and digital compositions. In particular, he is focusing on 3D music, composed with spatial awareness as a musical element.

Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki (1981)

Danish composer who works primarily with audiovisual concepts. In several works, he draws aspects of reality into his music, for instance by articulating the fragility of the concert situation.

Laura Dayani

Danish composer studying at MGK with teacher and composer Daniel Fladmose.

Leon Thomsen

Danish composer studying at MGK with teacher and composer Daniel Fladmose.

Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje (1973)

Norwegian composer and performer. At heart of her music lies Ratkje’s own voice, an open door to her individual musicianship and a constant tool for realigning her work with natural expressions and human truths.

Martha Bach Gislinge

Danish composer studying at MGK with teacher and composer Daniel Fladmose.

Mette Nielsen (1985)

Danish composer who works with what she calls imperfect unison – a state of friction that opens a space in which differences become clearer and micro-tones are made audible. Nielsen has received Klang's Pelle-prize.

Morten Riis (1980)

Danish composer and sound artist who has received a large number of grants and commissions from festivals and ensembles throughout Europe. Morten Riis is Klang Festival's resident composer (2022-2024).

Nick Martin

Composer based in Copenhagen. He has a bachelor's degree in composition from the Royal Academy of Music in London and a master from the Royal Danish Academy of Music, where his teachers were Bent Sørensen & Hans Abrahamsen. Martin has received Klang's Pelle-Prize.

Pelle Nyhuus

Danish composer studying at MGK with teacher and composer Daniel Fladmose.

Ragnhild May (1988)

Artist and composer working in an interdisciplinary sculptural, performative, and sound artistic practice dealing with the cultural history of instruments and embedded gendered and bodily biases.

Rei Nakamura

German-based pianist and performer who combines classical piano with electronics, multimedia-, video-, and performance art. Nakamura find parallels and associations between different genres and types of art, without concern for boundaries between them.

Rosali Grankull (1984)

Rosali Grankull is a composer, musician, and sound artist based in Gothenburg, working with acoustic instruments, objects, literature, microphones, and people.

Sophie Søs Meyer (1991)

Danish composer, violin player, and improvisor whose work has drawn inspiration from various scientific and theoretical fields such as Object-Oriented Ontology and cell division.

Stellan Veloce (1985)

Berlin-based Sardinian multi-instrumentalist and composer. Their music focuses on timbral research, iteration, and modulations of sound densities, integrating composition with improvisation and band playing.

Stephen Menotti

Soloist trombone, Basel Symfonietta

Svafa Thorhallsdottir (1981)

Music teacher, vocalist, and choir leader educated at the Conservatory of Reykjavik with additional master studies at the Royal Danish Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. She has a great interest in the musical development of children.

Tine Surel Lange (1989)

Norwegian composer and interdisciplinary artist, whose work is rooted in organic material – with a focus on listening, space, and how connotations color how we listen to and experience art.

Titus Engel (1975)

Swiss conductor known for his extensive repertoire from a wide range of musical eras. In 2020 Titus Engel was named Conductor of the Year by Opernwelt magazine, and starting in the 2023, Engel took over as principal conductor of the Basel Sinfonietta.

Vagina Dentata

Solo artistic endeavor of avant-garde artist Iza Mortag Freund created in 2013 in Berlin and generally residing in underground clubs, art galleries, and theatres worldwide.

Woytek Blecharz (1981)

Polish composer who redefines traditional concert format and proposes different relations between listener, viewer, and sound. Graduated from Frederic Chopin Music Academy in Warsaw in 2006 and received a Ph. D. at University of California San Diego in 2015.

Ylva Lund Bergner (1981)

Swedish composer who writes mostly for smaller ensembles. She often focuses on dramatic music such as monodrama or chamber opera, text being an important inspiration for her work.