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Nick Martin & Fei Nie: Sunshine, Becky

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Sunshine, Becky is an intimate collaborative work created by pianist and performer Fei Nie and composer Nick Martin (last year's Pelle-prize recipients), in which they explore their intensely personal encounters with- and relationships to their childhood pianos, Sunshine and Becky. These two have had an enormous impact on the trajectory of their lives, and thus the audience is invited into a space in which they are made to feel at home as if they, themselves, are encountering someone intimately important to them. 

For Fei Nie, the work is an opportunity to express inner worlds and emotions. Nick Martin has given a voice to Becky (her name a humorous play on the fact that she is a Bechstein-piano) and talked with her as one would an old friend – bypassing verbal communication in favor of that which can be expressed through touches, reverberations, memories, and desires. Made over the course of a year, Fei Nie and Nick Martin's ideas have dispersed and coalesced. Having worked both separately and together they hope to convey to others the feelings of affection and care, as well as the more challenging and complex feelings that arise in intimate relationships.

Comissioned by Klang with support from Koda and Statens Kunstfond

Photo: Fei Nie


Musikhuset København

Vesterbrogade 59 1620 København V

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Nick Martin

Composer based in Copenhagen. He has a bachelor's degree in composition from the Royal Academy of Music in London and a master from the Royal Danish Academy of Music, where his teachers were Bent Sørensen & Hans Abrahamsen. Martin has received Klang's Pelle-Prize.

Fei Nie (1989)

Copenhagen-based pianist and performer specializing in contemporary music. She received her master's degree from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 2014 and is a founding member of ensemble NEKO3. Nie has received Klang's Pelle-Prize.