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Listeners' Panel #2

The role of the listener is often underappreciated and undiscussed in the new music environment. As part of our 2024 season, Klang Festival will be hosting our first Listeners’ Panels. Instead of a traditional panel discussion, where experts present their thoughts to the public, we ask the public to present and discuss their experiences at the festival. The panel will be moderated by composer Lil Lacy, and all participants will be asked to respond to one simple question: "Tell us what you heard."

The Listeners’ Panel will take place twice throughout the festival with different sets of 4-5 participants each time. The first will happen on Monday 10th June in Koncertkirken, and the second will be part of our closing day on Thursday 13th June at Musikhuset.

Photo: Alexander Banck-Petersen


Musikhuset København

Vesterbrogade 59 1620 København V

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