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Joss Smith/Ensemble Transduct: All things are to be left incompl...

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all things are to be left incompl... is a performance piece by Welsh composer Joss Smith and Ensemble Transduct. Four musicians surround a glowing red box. The box plays music for them, and they play music for the box. No matter how far along the musicians are with their performance, once the box drowns out their playing, they must stop. Utilizing tension built by the expectation of an incoming musical cutoff, all things are to be left incompl… brings out the beauty in transient material. Even in a situation where all material has a short life, maybe there is still room for development or surprise?

As a composer, Joss Smith is particularly interested in subverting expectations, perceptions, and traditional compositional trajectories. Working with both instrumental and multimedia works, a linking factor of his work is a focus on building tension by way of the insistence on small changes. Ensemble Transduct works at the intersection of music, theater, and multimedia art with a penchant for the absurd. All these elements – particularly the subversion of expectations, the tension, and the absurd – are at work in all things are to be left incompl..., a piece embracing and celebrating the ephemeral.

Supported by:

Dansk Komponistforening, KODA Kultur and Statens Kunstfond. 

Commissioned by Klang festival

Photo: Alexander Banck-Petersen


Musikhuset København

Vesterbrogade 59 1620 København V

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Joss Smith (1993)

Joss Smith is a Welsh composer and performer who writes both instrumental and multimedia works. His work is linked by a focus on the perception of small changes in order to build tension and subvert compositional trajectories.

Ensemble Transduct

Ensemble dedicated to the strangest and most adventurous forms of musical art. The ensemble works in the borderland between music, performance, and multimedia art, often with a touch of absurdity.