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Connor McLean Debut Koncert


In Chicago-born composer and performer Connor McLean's debut from the soloist class at The Royal Danish Academy of Music, he and a group of friends explore the wide range of material that he has collected and created throughout his studies. The concert is made up of one long piece composed for the occasion and consolidates many aspects of McLean's work: his background in DIY band music, his interest in film making, the relationship between the screen, the stage, and the audience, and the integration of pseudo-sociological texts into the theater of his music. The trajectory of the performance is not exactly linear: the performers sometimes get distracted and pulled into unforeseen directions (almost always sentimental, sad, and nostalgic). 

Besides the composer himself, the concert features pianist Nikolaus von Bemberg, who's role kind of resembles that of a soloist. Guitarist Mikkel Schou, violinist Jennifer Gersten, cellist Ida Nørby-Sørensen, clarinetist Mathilde Schelin, recorder player Stine Benjaminsen, as well as percussionists Kalle Hakosalo and Hsiao Tung Yuan all play a part in the performance. 

Photo: Erika Svensson


Det Kongelige Danske Musikkonservatorium

Julius Thomsens Gade 1 1974 Frederiksberg

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Connor McLean (1996)

Composer and performer from Chicago living and working in Copenhagen. In his work, varying forms of media, performance practice and musical traditions converge.