d.12. juni, kl.20.00 Ensemble Kwadrofonik & Barbare Kinga Majewska

KLANG møder den polske kunstner og sangerinde Barbara Kinga Majewska til en snak om hendes forhold til ny musik, og hvorfor hun godt kan lide at arbejde sammen med Ensemble Kwadrofonik.

What do you find interesting about working within the field of contemporary music and why?

"What I find interesting is the thrill of making music happen for the very first time, without precedence, as it happens during the world-premieres. The challenge of building something from scratch. The clash of different forms of expression, different personalities and sensibilities, ways of hearing and understanding sound, performance synergies and concepts."


How did the collaboration with Kwadrofonik start?

"We've met through common friends and shared the need to explore the field of contemporary music together and becoming a part of it, letting our voice out."

How is it to work with Kwadrofonik and why?

"Marvellous! Great musicians, but above all great people - very open, creative, flexible and of broad horizons. Not letting the clichés mess with their opinions and ways how the things work in music."

How is it to work with the music of the composers that are presented at the concert with Kwadrofonik at KLANG festival?

"Except for the ones, that are obvious, I was happy to see the name of Ylva Lund Bergner on the list - we've met in Darmstadt two years ago and I was very curious about how her work would expand. And here she is, with Klangforum Wien - very exciting! Of course I know personally Wojtek Blecharz and SÅ‚awomir Wojciechowski, whose compositions I'm about to perform in Copenhagen. Performing their works with Kwadrofonik equals being in a very safe space, very comfortable in a way, that there is a common understanding of what is wanted, needed and expected, what makes the piece live on, each time new, but each time true and faithful to the original idea."

Do you bring your own research (voice as therapy) into your work when you perform and if so how?

"In a way, all my experiences and fields of interest are incorporated and present in my performance. And by that I mean not only the musical experiences and scientific research, but also everyday workings of my body, the hidden connections and barriers, challenges of getting under control of music and regaining the control as when being the control-freak, random voice habits, memories stored in muscles..."

Is the world of contemporary music different in Poland than i.e. Sweden and Scandinavia where you have studied and if so, how would you say it differs from one another?

"I'm very curious about the differences between Poland and Scandinavia - I'm about to find out in June, in Copenhagen, what the differences are - ask me then!" she says with a smile...

Oplev Barbara med Ensemble Kwadrofonik fra Polen søndag d. 12. juni kl. 20.00 på Festivalscenen på Republique.

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