UPDATE: COVID… feel safe at KLANG

26/10 2020

You should always feel safe when you visit KLANG-Festival!

On this page, you can keep up to date on what KLANG does to comply with the authorities' recommendations for music organizers and how you as an audience can help us create a safe environment.

Denmark is currently experiencing a growing societal infection with the corona virus. Therefore, from 26 October, the authorities have introduced stricter guidelines and, among other things, reduced the assembly ceiling to 10 people which, however, do not apply i.a. concerts with seated audiences.

Safety and security for our audience, volunteers, artists and staff has the highest priority for us. Therefore, you can be sure that the authorities' guidelines and rules are complied with for our concerts. We follow the situation and adjust continuously according to current rules.

What does this mean for you as a concert guest?

Mouthpiece / visor requirement: You must wear a mouthpiece or visor when arriving, standing in line, moving around, going to the bar or the toilet. Only when sitting down may you take off your bandage or visor.

Arrive well in advance: We encourage everyone to arrive in good time before the concert starts, so that we can avoid queues and so that we can safely get the audience placed in the hall. The doors open approx. 30 minutes before the start of the concert.

Permanent seats: On arrival, you will be assigned a seat by the staff. This seat is your regular seat throughout the concert. If you are going to experience the concert with friends, girlfriends or others that you would like to sit next to, please arrive at the same time.

Payment options in ticket sales and bar: To reduce the risk of infection, we encourage you to pay with MobilePay or credit card, instead of cash.

Buy tickets in advance: We encourage you to buy tickets in advance as there is limited capacity for the concerts, and to avoid queues at the entrance. Tickets can be purchased via the ticket link on the individual concert pages. If you are leaving with friends, girlfriends or others you would like to sit next to, please order tickets together and arrive at the same time.

How does Klang relate to the corona?

We provide:
• Hand alcohol in large quantities
• Distance lines in areas where queues can occur - eg by ticket check, bar and toilet
• Increased cleaning and ventilation
• Spraying of contact points before, during and after concerts
• Staff who help the audience follow the guidelines and rules

We expect everyone to help create security and safety at the concerts. We do this together by:
• Follow instructions from Klang's staff
• Avoid unnecessary stays in areas outside the concert hall - eg foyer, bar and corridors
• Keep a distance from other audiences, staff and artists
Spray hands off regularly
• Stay at home if you feel sick or have symptoms of illness

Do you have questions? Write to noah@klang.dk