New Danish/Korean collaboration launched

7/10 2019

KLANG – Festival is collaborating with the Korean festival “Audio-Trading-Manual” (a.k.a ATM). The collaboration is planned 2019-2021. In this period a number of Danish and Korean composers, artists and music professionals will be exchanged between KLANG and ATM-Festival. The collaboration launches during ATM-festival 28th nov 2019. KLANG-Festival has curated two festival concerts presenting international Danish and Korean music in Seooul. Among the composers and artists being featured at ATM 2019 are composers Li-Ying Wu, James Black and Lars Kynde together with the prize winning cellist and composer Alexandra Hallén.

KLANG-Festival met the organizer of ATM-Festival Sojin Yoon:

- Can you tell me about ATM-Festival?

Audio-Trading-Manual(a.k.a ATM) is an experimental platform for new music.
The aim of the platform is to give a new experience for the audience, to pursue the deepest exchanges between artists with various programs such as performance, exhibition, seminar, and etc.

- How did the collaboration between ATM and KLANG come to be?

Moon Young HA, ensemble mise-en's artistic director, made the introduction between KLANG and
ATM. As a 2-year-old baby festival, we did not have many contacts and networks.
Ensemble mise-en is a big collaborator since our inception, so he knows our festival very well.
When our team went on a research trip for KLANG festival this June, we were sure this collaboration will be successful.

- What does the collaboration mean to ATM and to the contemporary music environment in Seoul?

I don't know why, but the Korean new music scene is very closed.
We do not have a much open platform to exchange new music.
That is why we made ATM festival, a platform for diverse, and deep exchanges.
We pursue not only presenting foreign artists' work but also want to know each individuals and share their musical life and more.
And we believe our platform will change the limited and closed environment of new music scene in Seoul.

The collaboration is scheduled to continue and in 2021 KLANG-festival look forward to presenting the most exiting contemporary music from Korea in Copenhagen.

Click here for more info about the ATM-Festival