KLANG Festival suspended…

8/4 2020

The corona virus casts shadows all over the world. Everyone is affected by the crisis. The Danish government has announced that all Danish festivals until 31/8 should be canceled as a consequence of the Corona crisis.

For this reason KLANG Festival suspends all planned concerts and activities in May and June 2020. At the same time we are working to present a portion of the festival later this year. We therefore hope to be able to present this years spediel edition of the festival.

Most music experiences at KLANG Festival are completely unique. It is often about innovative music, created in collaboration with many partners, which are created specifically for the festival. Therefore, canceling the festival hurts the many artists we represent. All the more so, we will work to present as much of the planned as possible at a later date.

KLANG is about sharing great music experiences with each other across ages, genders and backgrounds. Across Denmark and across borders. KLANG is about community and live music that is created in the present. Music that is being written, taught and performed right now in our time. In other words, KLANG Festival is all about what we can't do right now because of the crisis: Be together in the city's many amazing halls. Be with each other. Be very close to the performing artists.

For these reasons, there is no doubt that KLANG Festival cannot be run in the situation that Denmark and the rest of the world are in right now. But for the same reasons, there is also no doubt that the KLANG Festival will resurrect that the experimental contemporary music and the many artists, composers and audiences will return strongly, and that the unity, togetherness, intimacy and the great musical art that characterize KLANG waiting for us ... after the crisis.

See you soon

Christian Winther Christensen and Regin Petersen
Festival directors