KLANG-Festival: Autumn edition to take place 30th oct. to 8th nov. 2020

20/5 2020

The Corona has put the world on hold. All Danish summer festivals are canceled. Also KLANG Festival which was to be held in May and June 2020.

After hard work from everyone in the office, and with great flexibility from artists and venues, we can now unveil a special edition of the festival: KLANG-Festival, Autumn edition

KLANG-Festival, Autumn Edition, takes place in Copenhagen from October 30 to November 8, 2020. We are proud to present several significant Danish and foreign names at the festival. Among other things on the program is Ensemble Recherche (D) and Athelas Sinfonietta (DK), which besides ensemble music offers music theater and much more.

KLANG in KU.BE, our children's and family festival, has also found a place in the autumn program. On November 7 - 8 we invite children and adults to a packed mini festival in Frederiksberg. Experience lots of concerts, music theater performances and workshops with creation and newly written music in focus.

The festival program will be announced in August where tickets will also be on sale.