Welcome to KLANG 2023. Look forward to experimental and unpredictable musical sensory bombardment when KLANG – Copenhagen Avantgarde Music Festival invites you inside the historic premises of Musikhuset Copenhagen.

One important piece of news is that KLANG has a new artistic director, James Black, and this is reflected in the program, which represents a mix of old familiars and new experimental directions - especially driven by the adventurous and courageous spirit that has always characterized KLANG. We would like to invite you to experience the best of the new music scene and challenge our audience's expectations.

With over 40 events and around 40 premieres, we take over the city with concerts, installations, joint events - all unforgettable events that celebrate the uncompromising diversity of contemporary music - helped along by the dazzling summer sunshine.
A common thread throughout the program is a Scandinavian sensibility with artists and composers who explore a Nordic worldview. Come and hear Danish ensembles, such as Rudersdal Kammersolister and Esbjerg Ensemble with KLANG's house composer Morten Riis. Swing by Musikhuset Copenhagen and experience the Swedish chamber ensemble Norrbotten NEO and the Norwegian Ensemble Temporum with an iconic performance of Vortex Temporum. The opening concert takes place in Den Sorte Diamant with Athelas Sinfonietta in the distinguished company of Dancia Curcic, who premieres composer Rune Glerup and Jokum Rohde's work Almæns.

As always, you can feel KLANG's reverberations in Copenhagen. There are events in the Statens Museum for Art, at Folketeateret Hippodrome's sloping boards, and in the Concert Church. We round off in the Royal Opera's grand foyer, which will vibrate like an auditory tsunami with a Copenhagen premiere of master composer Xenaki's masterpiece Persephassa.

For the seventh time, the groundbreaking Pelle Prize, named after the legendary composer Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, will be awarded. For the first time in the award's history, two prizes are awarded – to a composer and a musician.
The family festival KLANG in KU.BE takes place 2 - 4 June, and offers a bag of good-sounding mixed candies. We are particularly proud of the premiere of Lars Kynde and Gertrud Exner's adventurous performance Unexpected Fruit. Come and play along, and children's music will provide an experience out of the ordinary.

Welcome to KLANG 2023.

James Black and Filip Melo
Festival management