Photo: Nasia Kotronia

Shattered Objects: Can a reflection be a witness?

Musikhuset København

7/6 2023, 20:00

Vesterbrogade 59, 1620 København


At this concert the audience will be standing/walking

NOTE: Limited tickets left. The last tickets are sold at the door on a first-come, first-served basis. This also applies to partoutcard holders without seat reservations. (online ticket sales are closed)

Loneliness; the feeling of being an outsider; generational trauma; cultural and ethnic stereotypes; marginalization and stigma; class differences; inequality; psychic scars. These are some of the heavy and loaded concepts that the two Georgian-born composers Sophia Sagaradze and Neli Pantsulaia, who together make up the duo Shattered Objects, tackle in their work. Despite the heaviness of these subject matters, however, the duo manages to explore them in ways that are both brave, self-reflexive, and aesthetically seductive. There is a fragility, an intimacy, and an honesty inherent to Shattered Object's work that can only be arise through a working process characterized by deep communication and endless trust.

All these things apply to Can a reflection be a witness?. In this deeply personal yet universal multimedia performance piece, the duo attempts to question capitalism's tendency to divide society into boxes, norms, and stereotypes – a tendency that not only occupies our present, but also lays claim to our future. In Can a reflection be a witness? the duo comes to grips with this complex issue with the help of striking film experiments, costumes, intense lighting, electronic soundscapes that create a mysterious mood that is at once surreal and hyperreal, a pop ballad called "Amur Syndrome" written by Pantsulaia, and controversial spiritual practices such as tarot reading and fortune telling. And the audience, not least, who participate actively in the intense experience, and who can unleash all their senses and immerse themselves in all the aural and visual impressions that fill the room.


Sophia Sagaradze/Neli Pantsulaia: Can a reflection be a witness?



Shattered Objects