Open Form: Ensemble concert with graphic music

Musikhuset København

7/6 2023, 21:30

Vesterbrogade 59, 1620 København


NOTE: Online ticket sales close 1 hour before the concert begins. Tickets can then be bought at the door on the venue.

If you buy a day ticket, you also get access to the concert: Shattered Objects: CAN A REFLECTION BE A WITNESS?

Graphic notations are not just graphic notations: Especially not when presented by musician, author, and self-proclaimed "outertainer" T.S. Høegh, who will accentuate their many different forms in this concert. Or when they are interpreted by the ad-hoc ensemble with the catchy name Wärme-Vejgaard-Frølund-BergstrømNielsen quartet – a quartet for whom compositions unfold to reveal endless possibilities for improvisation and interpretation.

A score can be a video, as seen in the piece by Australian composer Cat Hope, just as images can become musically eloquent, as we see – and hear – in the works of Irish Anna Murray and Danish Monica Vejgaard. Algorithmic rule systems that dictate the development of music can show us how classical compositional virtues in the form of formal structures can live on in renewed form, as the Danish composer Henrik Ehland Rasmussen will show us.

The concert is presented in collaboration with Open Form Festival and is curated by founder Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen. Since 2011, Open Form Festival has taken place as a biennial in Copenhagen, which has presented musical modernism from home and abroad as well as newly written works. The festival's mission is to contemporize the inherited artistic and technical insights of classical music compositions through performances of "open" compositions. The idea is to make the built-in structures of music visible and integrate them into the concert experience – for example, by showing that music is not only created by individuals, but often arises in interactions, not only between musicians but also with the audience. In addition to this concert, KLANG-Festival and Open Form will present a concert on Monday the 5th of June in Musikhuset's black box.


Cat Hope: Chrome Arrow (2014)
Anna Murray: Postcard Pieces (2021)
Henrik Ehland Rasmussen: Figure Play (2016)
Henrik Ehland Rasmussen: Cycle (1998)
Monica Vejgaard: Interfering Lines (2022)

Marie Wärme: accordion
Monica Vejgaard: fløjte
Jonas Frølund: klarinetter
Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen: horn og diverse
T.S. Høegh: outertainer og præsentation af stykkerne


Wärme-Vejgaard-Frølund-Bergstrøm-Nielsen kvartetten

Monica Vejgaard

Cat Hope

Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen

Anna Murray

Henrik Ehland Rasmussen