Musikhuset København

8/6 2023, 20:00

Vesterbrogade 59, 1620 København


NOTE: Online ticket sales close around 1 hour before the concert begins. Tickets can then be bought at the door on the venue.

If you buy a day ticket, you also get access to the concert: Amazone Kvartetten: FLOWMATIC NIGHTS

A totally unique opportunity to get acquainted with the composers of the future as composer and teacher Daniel Fladmose welcomes the audience to MGK X NEKO3_: a graduation concert for Fladmose's composition students at MGK, who have been invited to write completely new works for the rapidly rising and highly experimental ensemble NEKO3. The young composers have worked intensively with the musicians throughout the compositional process, and the musicians have been intimately involved in the development of ideas, where they have inspired and excited the composers. This process is very characteristic of NEKO3's way of working with new music.

The result is a series of works that paint a picture of five composers, who each already have their own independent identity. The audience will experience music that involves everyday objects and turns society inside out. They will experience music that attempts to tamper with our way of thinking. And they will experience music that paints tiniest nuances, and portrays the most sensitive memories. The composers have found inspiration in a wide array of places: from the addictive, electronic meaninglessness of the mobile phone, to Copenhagen's hectic throngs of people. Protest and emotional subtlety, wildness and melancholy go hand in hand when the composers are unleashed alongside NEKO3.


Oliver Tordendahl: Untitled vol.1 (world premiere)
Pelle Nyhuus: SMARTPHONE (world premiere)
Jonas Wiinblad Schmidt: GrünGulGrå (world premiere)
Sofus Preisel: Drei kleine Stumpfstücke für drei Stümpfen (world premiere)
Sofus Preisel:      .. unthink me. (world premiere)
Emma Tingager: Når jeg bliver voksen, vil jeg være ligesom hende (world premiere)

The concert is supported by KODA Kultur/Produktionspulje



Oliver Tordendahl

Pelle Nyhuus

Jonas Wiinblad Schmidt

Sofus Preisel

Emma Tingager