Photo: Gianluca Iadema

Lorenzo Colombo: Debut Concert

Konservatoriets Koncertsal

6/6 2023, 19:30

Julius Thomsens Gade 1, 1974 Frederiksberg C

Free entrance

Percussionist Lorenzo Colombo's debut concert from the Royal Danish Academy of Music is not only a day of celebration for the artist himself but also, for the rest of us, a long-awaited introduction to an artist who has already made a name for himself internationally and in Denmark. The concert contains premieres of three very different works, which together bear witness to artistic audacity and a restlessness that refuses limitations.

The concert begins with Xavier Bonfill's drone piece 2x2, which was originally written for trombone and bass clarinet, but is here performed, in collaboration with percussionist Marta Sogetti, on bell plates processed by midi pedals. We are then introduced to A.I. Komboï - "En hommage à Iannis Xenakis" - which is a tribute to- and a rethinking of - Iannis Xenakis' pioneering work in electronic music. Together with musician and IRCAM researcher Marco Fiorini and the highly advanced computer program Somax2, Colombo will reinterpret and improvise over Xenakis' iconic Komboï in order to answer a number of pressing questions: Can an artificial intelligence listen, react, and improvise in real time? Can it participate in a creative process and perhaps even create a coherent musical experience?

The concert ends with Ever.ravE, a multimedia performance commissioned from the composer Gianluca Iadema and developed in a close collaboration with Colombo. Here, video projections, mirrors, luminous metal sculptures, and artificial intelligence are used to take the audience on a journey from the conscious to the unconscious, from the real to the hyper-real. Ever.ravE is a movement through a dream world that, like in a cubist painting, mutates to increasing degrees of abstraction before – as the title suggests – culminating in a rave, where, for a brief moment, the dream of the collective is realized.


Xavier Bonfill: 2x2 2020 rev. 2023/11’ (world premiere) 
Lorenzo Colombo percussion, Marta Soggetti percussion
Iannis Xenakis/Somax2: A.I. Komboï 1981 rev. 2023/20' (world premiere)
Lorenzo Colombo percussion, Marco Fiorini live improvisation with Somax2* 
Gianluca Iadema/Lorenzo Colombo: Ever.ravE 2023/45' (world premiere)
Lorenzo Colombo performance, Gianluca Iadema live AV/ composition & Davide Santini head of technology

*This performance is part of the REACH research and creation project at Ircam -
** Produced by Iadema Studio

Supported by:
Art Music Denmark
Dansk Komponistforening
Léonie Sonnings Talent Prize
Solistforeningen af 1921
The Royal Danish Academy | RDAM
Tove Birthe Jensens Mindelegat
William Demant


Lorenzo Colombo

Xavier Bonfill

Marta Soggetti

Marco Fiorini

Gianluca Iadema

Davide Santini