KLANG i KU.BE / Waves


4/6 2023, 12:00

Dirch Passers Allé 4
2000 Frederiksberg


NOTE: Online ticket sales close 1-2 hour before the concert begins. Tickets can then be bought at the door on the venue.

The performance wil place in the Puls and is written for 1-4 year olds

The roar of the sea, the birds of the sky, and Norse mythology are the main themes in the work, Waves, which was written for children aged 1 to 4-years-old. Accompanied by flutist Julius Ditlevsen, accordionist Julie Schade and Eyvi Eyjolfsson, who plays the traditional Icelandic stringed instrument called a langspil, the singer and composer Svafa Thorhallsdottir will guide the children into a passionate world of adventure. As the story unfolds, she creates interactive and engaging situations for the children, who get ample opportunity to use both rhythmic instruments, their bodies, their voices, and their imaginations. In this way, the children are provided with the opportunity to imagine that they are part of a living adventure that they can feel on their own bodies.

When Waves was premiered in Nordens Hus on the Faroe Islands during the Nordic Music Days in 2021, Sine Tofte Hannibal from the Danish Composers' Association wrote: "Waves enchanted both the young and the old. The performance integrates music, narration, scenography and interaction with the children in a very balanced way and appeals through use of movement, props and dialogue for all the children's senses".

Svafa Thorhallsdottir is an Icelandic singer, composer and teacher living in Denmark. She has a great interest in both children's musical development and in the role of music in children's development in general, and she has experimented with the dissemination of classical music for children together with the ensemble "Den poetiske elefant".


Svafa Thorhallsdottir: Singing and composition
Julius Ditlevsen: Flute
Julie Schade: Accordion
Eyvi Eyjolfsson: Langspil

Duration ca. 30 min


Svafa Þórhallsdóttir