KLANG i KU.BE / ZOOM SOUNDS (sound sculpture)


4/6 2023, 11:00

Dirch Passers Allé 4
2000 Frederiksberg

Free entrance

Sound sculpture takes place in Zen 2 and can be experienced throughout Klang in KU.BE and the guitar trio performance will happen on Friday 2 June from 5 pm.
The sound sculpture is open to everyone!

In today's labor market, it is a perk to have home working days, to be able to avoid meeting physically at work and instead be allowed to hold meetings over Zoom. The desire for our home to become our workplace is an indisputable trend in today's labor market. Yet, it is not so long ago that the very same dream was spoken of as a sacrifice: Lockdown and 'together at a distance' kept us at home and apart.

With the sound sculpture and performance work, ZOOM SOUNDS, the artist Sofus Preisel tries to explore the differences between "meeting separately" and meeting in reality. The sculpture uses the feedback techniques of the American composer Alvin Lucier to investigate Zoom as (a) space, while the performance is a multimedia work, where three electric guitarists alternate between playing together in real life (IRL) and over Zoom. In this way, the work makes room for the small, indefinable feelings that suddenly become pressing when we meet with a webcam, instead of with a hug.

In his art, Sofus Preisel tries to unite the sensuous ambiguity of art with the unwavering unambiguity of activism and in this way create a space for the human in a pre-apocalyptic society. The ideas, hope, and discouragement that surround the future of man and the planet must vibrate in our bodies, and we must find something beautiful in changing ourselves and the world. In ZOOM SOUNDS, Zoom is used to examine our near past and equally near future, and to reflect on who sacrificed what and what we are about to let go of.


Sofus Preisel: ZOOM SOUNDS

Supported by:
Frederiksbergfonden - www.frederiksbergfonden.dk

Dansk Musiker Forbund


Sofus Preisel