Photo: Alexander Banck Petersen

KLANG i KU.BE / KlangKlassen 2023


2/6 2023, 16:00

Dirch Passers Allé 4
2000 Frederiksberg


NOTE: Online ticket sales close 1 hour before the concert begins. Tickets can then be bought at the door on the venue.

The concert can be experienced in the Zen 1 hall is for a young audience (12 years and up)

Klangklassen is a composer's ensemble consisting of young composition-students from all over the country, who write the pieces and perform them themselves. In this way, it becomes a dogma that the music is written for a – for the most part – fragile technical level. This is a radical way of avoiding the expression of virtuosity, and instead put artistic will front and center. At the same time, the composition-teachers perform on an equal footing with the students, and the usual hierarchy between teachers and students is thus challenged. Students of Daniel Fladmose, who is head of  KlangKlassen, as well as Kuno Kjærbye and Østen Mikael Ore participate in the ensemble. Even among the teachers, virtuosity is not a guarantee and Fladmose thus performs rather brokenly on a French horn, while the violinist Kjærbye, on the other hand, stays within his area of expertise. The idea of performing each other's music is certainly not entirely new: in Denmark, for instance, we had the Group for alternative music, which enriched the streets of Copenhagen in the 70s with a similar concept. But even if the idea is old, the results are always new and surprising, and we even dare to guarantee that they will be this time too.

In the ensemble: Kuno Kjærbye (violin), Daniel Fladmose (horn and vocals), Jens Rønsholdt (bassoon, vocals), Emma Tingager (vocals), Jonas Færgeman (everything possible), Lasse R. Pohlmann (violin), Laura Dayani (percussion ), Leon Thomsen (percussion) and Aske Kai Tengberg (everything).


KlangKlassens: New Works

The performers:
Kuno Kjærbye: violin
Daniel Fladmose: French horn and vocals
Jens Rønsholdt: bassoon and vocals
Emma Tingager: vocals
Jonas Færgeman: all sorts of things
Laura Dayani: percussion
Julius Vilfred Hartung: cembalo
Leon Thomsen: percussion
Aske Kai Tengberg: all sorts of things

Duration 55 min


Klangklassen 2023