Photo: Alexander Banck-Petersen

KLANG i KU.BE / Studies in solo cello


3/6 2023, 17:00

Dirch Passers Allé 4
2000 Frederiksberg


NOTE: Online ticket sales close 1 hour before the concert begins. Tickets can then be bought at the door on the venue.

The concert can be experienced in the Zen 1 and is for a young audience (12 years and up)

Composer and teacher Daniel Fladmose describes teaching young people music and composition as something incredibly dear to his heart, and his vision is to expand the opportunities for very young composers in Denmark. Now, his composition-students have written completely new works for solo cello. The aspiring composers' cello works will be performed by the Andalusian cellist Juan Aguilera Cerezo, who has traveled all the way to Copenhagen to work with them. Cerezo, like Fladmose, is incredibly passionate about advancing the conditions for new music. He has devoted a large part of his musical work to expanding the repertoire for the cello, and he has been behind commissions from over 40 different composers worldwide. He now continues that work together with Fladmose's composition-students.

The composers are: Alice Kristensen, Oliver Tordendahl, Aske Kai Tengberg, Leon Thomsen and Sofus Preisel.


Værker for solo-cello

Alice Kristensen
Oliver Tordendahl
Adam Lykkegaard
Aske Kai Tengberg
Leon Thomsen
+ spilles værker fra Juans CD

Juan Aguilera Cerezo: cellist

The concert is supported by the Statens Kunstfond and MGK Hovedstaden.

Duration ca. 60 min


Juan Aguilera Cerezo

Alice Kristensen

Oliver Tordendahl

Aske Kai Tengberg

Leon Thomsen

Sofus Preisel