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Julie Østengaard: Are You Okay?

Den Sorte Diamant

1/6 2023, 18:30

Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1
1221 København K

Free entrance

Are you okay? is a story of anxiety told through a series of fragmented and contrasting electronic compositions. Through the expressive language of music, sound artist Julie Østengaard explores the many faces of anxiety and searches for relief. The different parts of the piece flow in and out of each other, are placed on top of each other in layers, and are cut up and stitched together as if they are hidden behind a wall and are only revealed when the windows are randomly and momentarily opened and closed. In its compositional language, the work depicts the uncontrollable exchange between turmoil and tranquility.

The musical universe moves dynamically between rhythmic outbreaks of noise, deconstructed voice samples, and blissful spherical sounds. The inspiration is drawn from a wide range of musical styles: Experimental ambient, electro-acoustic, musique concrete, IDM, glitch, and noise. Sometimes the music is spontaneously interrupted – for instance by a guided meditation, a series of advertisements that promise to make you the best version of yourself, and the composer's voice asking you: are you okay?

Are you okay? is an artistic processing of Østengaard's own experiences, and a study of a society where mental vulnerability is one of the most widespread health threats. The work is performed outdoors in front of the Black Diamond, where it blends with the sounds of the public space. The piece is performed with the help of a modular synthesizer, a selection of sound objects, a homebuilt instrument, and a unique speaker installation.


Julie Østengaard: Are You Okay? (World Premiere)

The piece is commisioned by KLANG and is supported by Dansk Komponistforening and KODA kultur


Julie Østengaard