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Ensemble Temporum: Vortex Temporum


2/6 2023, 20:00

Blågårds Pl. 6A
2200 København


NOTE: Online ticket sales close 1 hour before the concert begins. Tickets can then be bought at the door on the venue.

If you buy a day ticket you also get access to the concert: CRAS Ensemble: THINGS WE USED TO HOLD ON TO

In this concert, the Oslo-based contemporary music ensemble, Ensemble Temporum, will perform Gerard Grisey’s Vortex Temporum for piano and 5 instruments. This is a work of particular importance for them: not only did it give them their name, it is also the first work they performed in their debut concert in 2016. Vortex Temporum continues to fascinate, surprise and move the audience with its immense virtuosity and beauty. Described by the ensemble as one of the most important masterpieces of the 90's, Vortex Temporum is a stunning achievement and an ideal example of the French spectralist movement – a style of music focusing on the acoustic phenomenon of sound – of which Gerard Grisey was a pioneer. Although in many ways a minimalist work, Vortex Temporum could simultaneously be characterized as nearly symphonic: not only due to its impressive scale, but also due its architectural construction which consists of three large parts – fast-slow-fast – with short interludes between them all performed attacca.

The concert is conducted by Ensemble Temporum's permanent conductor, Kai Grinde Myrann, who, despite graduating only ten years ago, has already conducted all the major ensembles and orchestras in Norway.


Gerard Grisey: Vortex Temporum (1994-96)

Performer in Ensemble Temorum:
Guro Asheim: violin
Bénédicte Royer: viola
Urban Megušar: cello
Maiken Mathisen Schau: flutes
Espen Nystog Aas: clarinets
Sanae Yoshida: piano
Kai Grinde Myrann: conductor

The concert is supported by the Kulturdirektoratet and Creo – Forbundet for Kunst og Kultur


Ensemble Temporum

Gérard Grisey

Kai Grinde Myrann