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Damkapellet: A Modern Ceremony

Statens Museum for Kunst

7/6 2023, 17:00

Sølvgade 48-50, 1307 København K


In the first of three collaborations between KLANG-Festival and SMK, the National Gallery of Denmark, held in conjunction with the exhibition Baroque – out of darkness, the Copenhagen-based, international ensemble Damkapellet will perform Guusje Ingen Housz’s A Modern Ceremony in the museum.

A Modern Ceremony is a sound-choreography, centered around a singing stone and glass instruments that resonate through water. The piece was first developed in 2020 through a workshop-based collaboration between Damkapellet and the composer Guusje Ingen Housz, and will be reconstructed for the museum's unique space. A Modern Ceremony is an exploration of collective (sub)consciousness and connectedness that asks – and attempts to answer – a series of pressing questions: What could a ceremony look like in a time where we lack a shared collective myth? Why do we need ceremony? Can the form of the ceremony help us deal with the shifting world around us?

So, what could a ceremony look like today? A soft alchemical process of movement, water, glass, stone, and whispering strings that offers space for contemplation, seems to be the answer that Housz and Damkapellet offer us.

In addition to Damkapellet's performance, KLANG-Festival and SMK are excited to present a solo performance by Ragnhild May on the 6th of September, and a concert of music by Mads Emil Dreyer performed by Lorenzo Colombo, Marta Sogetti, and EKKI MINNA duo on the 1st of November.


Guusje Ingen Housz: A Modern Ceremony (2020)

Duration approx. 60 min. 

The Concert is presented in collaboration with Statens Museum for Kunst.



Guusje Ingen Housz