Photo: Malthe Ivarsson

Copenhagen Clarinet Choir: Space(s) Between

Musikhuset København

9/6 2023, 19:00

Vesterbrogade 59, 1620 København


NOTE: Online ticket sales close around 1 hour before the concert begins. Tickets can then be bought at the door on the venue.

At this concert the audience will be standing/walking

If you buy a day ticket, you also get access to the concert: Mika Persdotter: Ballads

The combination of the clarinet sextet Copenhagen Clarinet Choir and the British-born, Danish-based composer Greta Eacott is one of those combinations that instinctively makes sense. Eacott is a composer who sees spatiality and physical materiality as absolutely essential elements in her compositional practice; Copenhagen Clarinet Choir is an ensemble that sees itself as a single synergized organism, a pulsating, physical, almost tangible body of sound. Eacott is a composer who is not afraid to open her scores to improvisation; Copenhagen Clarinet Choir is an ensemble for whom improvisation is an essential part of very act of playing music.

Eacott has written Space(s) Between specifically for the Copenhagen Clarinet Choir: Space(s) Between is a kind of hybrid that approaches both a musical performance and a theatrical, dramatic work without, however, defining itself strictly as one of the two. Central to the work is its exploration of space as musical material – an exploration which comes across specifically through the combination of movement and amplification as an extension of the acoustic instruments. By varying the distance between the clarinet and the microphone, the musicians engage in a unique interaction with the space around them. And it is here, in the sensitivity to the Space(s) Between, that the ensemble's talent for improvisation can flourish.



Greta Eacott: Space(s) Between (world premiere)

Duration 25 min.


Copenhagen Clarinet Choir

Greta Eacott