Photo: Olaf Højgaard

Amazone Kvartetten: Flowmatic Nights

Folketeatret Hippodromen

8/6 2023, 18:00

Nørregade 39, 1165 København


NOTE: Online ticket sales close around 1 hour before the concert begins. Tickets can then be bought at the door on the venue.

If you buy a day ticket, you also get access to the concert: NEKO3: MGK X NEKO3

In Flowmatic Nights, the Amazone Quartet ignites a musical melting pot of sparkling new works and has invited an international team of artists into the creative process. Languages, cultures, and sounds are exchanged across borders with the aim of uniting hearts, minds, and distinctive personalities.

The award-winning Danish-Iranian author Shadi Angelina Bazeghi has written the striking poem Flowmatic Nights for the project: One text which functions as a common basis for four new works commissioned from selected composers: English-Lebanese Bushra El-Turk, Iranian Farzia Fallah, Finnish Minna Leinonen and Danish Josefine Opsahl. The text has been translated into the composers' mother tongues, thus giving them the opportunity to let their linguistic and musical cultures colour the music in the special way that is only possible when you work with your own language.

The four works are initially programmed together and performed by the Amazone Quartet, who with their performance contribute additional dimensions, partly through their overall interpretation and more specifically through their musical improvisations that serve as transitions between the composers' works.

The Danish textile designer Tatiana Andersen Camre, who works in the space between performing arts, visual arts, and design, has created the quartet's costumes and the project's overall visual identity.

With this project, the Amazone Quartet explores the intersection between diversity and the things we have in common; they explore the meeting and the sparks that it inevitably ignites in art.


Minna Leinonen: Flowmaattisia öitä (world premiere)

Bushra El-Turk: Al-Layali flomatikiyyeh (world premiere)

Farzia Fallah: in acacia cluster’s light (world premiere)

Josefine Opsahl: Flowmatiske Nætter (world premiere)

Nana Bugge Rasmussen, mezzosopran
Sofia Kayaya, flute
Miranda Harding, cello
Anne-Marie Lipsonen, piano

Duration ca. 60 min.



Amazone Quartet

Josefine Opsahl

Bushra El-Turk

Minna Leinonen

Farzia Fallah