Pricing and sales places

Tickets can be purchased via the ticket link directly on the concerts' program pages and at the concert venue from half an hour before the concert starts.Consider buying KLANG's discount cards, to get good prices for our concerts (read more below).
If you have questions about ticket purchases, you are welcome to contact nick [a]

KLANG's discount card BUY HERE!
140 kr.
With KLANG's discount card you can buy tickets for KLANG's concerts* for half price! If you are considering watching three or more concerts at KLANG, the discount card is well issued. You can see the ticket prices with and without discount here on the website.

Are you a student? Then you just have to buy a discount ticket directly and remember to bring your student card (valid as a discount card) and present it together with your ticket

NB! KLANG's discount card does not in itself give access to concerts. Once you have purchased KLANG's discount card, you must still buy tickets (with a discount) either online or before the concerts. The discount card must be presented (on mobile or printed) together with the discount ticket at the entrance to the concerts. The discount card is personal.

* The discount card does not cover Den Sorte Diamant, family concerts during KLANG in KU.BE, TIVOLI, VOLUME and for Walk The Walk in Takkelloftet.

Single tickets
Standard price: 50-120 kr / 25-60 kr with discount or student card.
The Black Diamond: 100-200 kr
TIVOLI: 195 kr
VOLUME: 270 kr
Takkelloftet: 190-250 kr
Stærekassen: 50-100 kr

See the price of the individual concerts via ticket link under each concert.

KLANG i KUBE - Family festival
0-50 kr
Most of the concerts at KLANG in KUBE has free adminssion. The concerts with tickets is a unit price for 1 adult or 1 child.