The Royal Life Guards Music Corps

MOVED TO 2/9-2022: CROSS FIRE #2

18/6 2022, 14:00


Due to Corona, this concert has unfortunalty been cancelled.


The Danish composer and sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard is not afraid of tackling the big, complicated topics. He describes his works as placed between art and science, and they are indeed the product of equal parts artistic sensitivity and analytical rigor. With his latest work, KRYDS ILD [Cross Fire], performed by the Royal Lifeguards Music Corps, Kirkegaard has taken war as the subject of his investigative gaze. KRYDS ILD consists of sound recordings of firearms and artillery that are transcribed for orchestra, and the work thus mimics the sound of a war zone. Because what does war really sound like? Does it have a sound? A tonal language? Through a year of research and several visits to shooting enthusiasts, as well as to the Danish military, Kirkegaard has made sound recordings with incredibly sensitive sensors as well as with acoustic measuring microphones to find answers to these questions. He has listened attentively to the mechanics of the weapon, the cutting of the projectile through the air and the deep echo after the grenade explosion. But not only that: the work's narrative is based on conversations with war veterans who have agreed to describe the sound of war: the endless, unbearable wait and then the sudden, deafening crossfire.


Jakob Kirkegaard: Cross Fire

Projektet gennemføres i samarbejde med Den Kongelige Livgardes Musikkorps.
Værket er støttet af Dansk Komponistforening & KODA Kultur og Statens Kunstfond.