Photo: Framegrab fra filmen

Documentary film by Jacob Dammas


Vester Vov Vov

15/6 2022, 17:30

Absalonsgade 5, 1658 København


Free entrance

Free admission, but reservation required (please cancel if you're unable to attend).

Get closer to KLANG Festival with director Jacob Dammas' KLANG-documentary, which is premiering at this year's festival. In the autumn of 2020, Dammas documented the festival, which was held in the midst of the corona epidemic, where the conditions for artistic and cultural events were anything but optimal. The many limitations and restrictions made the excitement almost unbearable, but it also contributed an extra sense of release when the performances were finally allowed to take place. Dammas captured the musicians' rehearsals, their behind-the-scenes interaction, the organizers at work, the dynamics during the concerts, the audience's reactions, and the festival's atmosphere. At the same time, there was time for deeper reflection in the form of short, spontaneous interviews with the artists – both from Denmark and abroad – as well as with the festival's organizers and the audience.

After the film premiere on June 15, there will be a Q&A with the film director.
The next day, June 16, the film can be seen in Musikhuset København in the period 16.30 - 23.00 (in loop).

The film lasts 20 minutes.

Free admission, but reservation required (please cancel if you're unable to attend).


KLANG - The Film: documentary film + Q&A with director Jacob Dammas

Concept and production JDMedia, with support from The Danish Composers’ Society, CANON Denmark, Union of Film and TV Employees (FAF), Danish Film Directors, KLANG-Festival, Polish Institute in Copenhagen, StudioJOT