Project with Ly Tran


Musikhuset København

16/6 2022, 20:00

Vesterbrogade 59, 1620 København


The worlds of music and literature collide in this concert, where composers Mette Nielsen and Marcela Lucatelli have composed works based on collections of poetry by Asta Olivia Nordenhof and Olga Ravn – two of Denmark's most central contemporary poets. Accompanied by eight prominent female musicians – including Lucatelli herself – singer Ly Tran performs the two works. The concert is the product of a careful reading of the texts, but the concert is not about disseminating literature in the traditional sense. On the contrary, we are dealing with an ecstatic, unbridled and expressive aesthetic; an aesthetic that makes one question the distinction between complexity and chaos. Integral to Nielsen's det nemme og det ensomme [The Easy and the Lonely] is, for instance, the piercing tone of the nervous breakdown, which appears throughout the piece and thus functions as a sensuous communication of the ominous mood and the unmanageable, emotional labyrinth that hides in Nordenhof's poems. However, the unmanageable is not only present on an emotional level: Lucatelli's SLAVE SLAVE SLAVE examines Olga Ravn's Jeg æder mig selv som lyng [I eat myself like heather] through a live-generated algorithmic score, where the chaos that arises as a result of the force of chance on the algorithmic systems is literally cultivated as a method. The work becomes an image of the anxiety associated with being a female body: constantly viewed, objectified, and confronted with its own existence. Like anxiety, the tones run wild. As a manifestation of these themes, Ly Tran stands in front of us, forcing us to reflect on the concert itself as a phenomenon: Who is really watching who?

Whole evening ticket incl. this concert + KLANG in The Music House / Rolf Hind (9:00 PM): 150kr / Student 75kr


Entry: 120 kr / Student 60 kr


Mette Nielsen: det nemme og det ensomme (World Premiere)
Marcela Lucatelli: SLAVE SLAVE SLAVE (World Premiere)

The project is supported by KODA Kultur, Politiken-Fonden, Københavns Musikudvalg & Vesterbro Lokaludvalg.


Ly Tran, sang
Julie Schade, accordeon
Erica Giacoletto, kontrabas
Katerina Anagnostidou, slagtøj
Marina Cyrino, piccolofløjte
Marie Sønderskov, altfløjte
Sofia Kayaya, basfløjte
Trine Paaschburg, harpe
Tanja Vesterbye Jessen, el. guitar og elektronik
Bára Gísladóttir, kontrabas
Katerina Anagnostidou, slagtøj
Marcela Lucatelli, synthesizer