Photo: Malwa Grabowska aka Hipermania


INCLUSION: Damkapellet

Musikhuset København

10/6 2022, 20:00

Vesterbrogade 59, 1620 København


Damkapellet is an international music collective based in Copenhagen consisting solely of women, nonbinary, and transgender people. The collective is characterized by a restless and playful desire to experiment and a rebellious urge to always seek away from the beaten path. Together, they try to find an alternative direction in a classical music world marked by taboo norms and power structures. It is thus a point in and of itself that Damkapellet calls itself a collective, and not an ensemble, because here there is no leader, no predetermined form, no hierarchies – only an endless and passionate exchange of creativity and ideas. The concert at this year's KLANG Festival is a chance, little by little, bit by bit, to experience the full range of Damkapellet's multifaceted bouquet. The concert is structured in such a way that more and more musicians are continuously introduced. The audience is thus led through two solo compositions – for song and percussion respectively – a viola duo, a piano trio, and a string quintet before the concert culminates with the aptly titled piece, Inclusion, in which all twelve musicians participate.


120kr / Students and discount card holders 60kr.

Evening ticket for two concerts: 150kr / Students and discount card holders 75kr.

Festival ticket for selected concerts at KLANG costs 140kr


Randi Pontoppidan: Inception (Uropførelse)
Catherine Lamb: Two lines, together
Irene Bianco: Work4toys
Ida Nørby: Last Place on Earth
Tytti Arola: PEST
Damkapellet: Inclusion (Uropførelse)

The concert is supported by Dansk Musiker Forbund Legat.