Photo: Christ's Descent into Hell, fra Hieronymus Boschs skole

Theatre of Voices & Ensemble STRALO

IN FLAGRANTE DELICTO: Theatre of Voices & Ensemble STRALO

Frederiksberg Kirke

10/6 2022, 17:00

Frederiksberg Allé 71
1820 Frederiksberg

Free entrance

Few composers – if any – can be said to adhere as strongly to the myth of the tormented, passionate, and unstable artist as the Renaissance composer Carlo Gesualdo. In a fit of all-consuming jealousy, he murdered his wife and then spent the rest of his life on the brink of the total psychological collapse. Almost miraculously, in the midst of his descent into the maelstrom of madness, he managed to write some of the most beautiful madrigals of the Renaissance.

This horrific and fascinating story has inspired Peter Navarro-Alonso's piece, I flammende brøde [In Flaming Guilt], created in collaboration with the vocal ensemble Theater of Voices and the quartet Ensemble STRALO. Gesualdo's path to the abyss is depicted in a work that, as a kind of musical mirror cabinet, is based on Gesualdo's own madrigals, but distorts and transforms their expressive beauty into a musical staging of madness, perversion, and decadence. In this way, Navarro-Alonso, Ensemble STRALO and Theater of Voices have found a hidden darkness in Gesualdo's work that might bring us closer to an understanding of the darkness of his mind.

Free admission

Paul Hillier conducts Theatre of Voices & Ensemble STRALO


Peter Navarro-Alonso: I flammende brøde


Theatre of Voices:                      
Else Torp                         
Signe Asmussen             
Miles Lallemant             
Paul Bentley-Angell                     
Jakob Bloch Jespersen

Ensemble STRALO:
Christina Åstrand, violin
Therese Åstrand Radev, cello
Radi Åstrand Radev, obo
Per Salo, klaver

Dirigent: Paul Hillier

The concert is a co-production with Frederiksbergs Kirke and SINUS ETC.
Theatre of Voices & Ensemble STRALO are supported by Augustinus Fonden, Hoffmann og Husmans Fond, Knud Højgaards Fond, Solistforeningen af 1921, William Demant Fonden, Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansens Fond.