Organ player Peter Navarro-Alonso

HOMMAGE Á TREPARTITA: Peter Navarro-Alonso


16/6 2022, 16:30

Niels Hemmingsens Gade 5, 1153 København K


Peter Navarro-Alonso is a composer, teacher, saxophonist, and organist. Earlier at the festival, when his work I Flammende Brøde [In Flaming Guilt] was performed, we saw him in the role of composer, and now it is the organist Peter Navarro-Alonso that we get the opportunity to get acquainted with. This happens when he sits behind Helligaandskirken's [Church of the Holy Spirit) almost 150-year-old organ, which, with its 75 voices and almost 5000 pipes, is among the largest in Denmark. The organ is famous for its special romantic sound, which differs from the pre-romantic sound ideal prevailing in Denmark, and which the church itself describes as a symphonic sound that spans all shades from the most delicate, small flute voices to the largest and most powerful trumpets. The concert is a tribute to the composer Per Nørgård, who turns 90 this summer. Nørgård is represented by the work Trepartita (1988), which is an example of his very famous compositional technique called "infinity series", where the entire work is a fragment of a series of tones that, as a kind of living, musical organism, generates fractals of itself in infinity.

Entry: 50 kr / Student 25 kr


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