Photo: Photo: Mali Letrange; Photomontage: Mâkhi Xenakis

X is for Xenakis

XENAKIS 100 YEARS: Ekkozone

Tivolis Koncertsal

12/6 2022, 15:00

Vesterbrogade 3
1630 København


It is an almost extraordinary opportunity to become particularly acquainted with the Greek/French composer Iannis Xenakis, when the award-winning ensemble Ekkozone presents an impressively wide selection of his extensive oeuvre as a celebration of his centenary. Led by percussionist and conductor Mathias Reumert, they perform five works, which together draw a portrait of one of the most significant and groundbreaking musical figures of the latter half of the twentieth century. During the concert we encounter Eonta (1964) written for piano, three trombones and two saxophones, in which the wind instruments are instructed to play directly into the piano strings in order to create spatial vibrations. We encounter the solo piano composition Mists (1980), which is so wild in its tonal language that, true to its title, it appears as a fog in which one can disappear completely. And we encounter the meditative and mesmerizing Rebonds (1989), which is written for three percussionists. That the concert takes place in Tivoli is a small poetic reminder that Xenakis, who also acted as an Architect, had a penchant for the visually impressive, and always thought of music as inseparable from its physical surroundings.


Iannis Xenakis: Pléiades: III. Claviers (1978)
Iannis Xenakis: Rebonds (1989)
Iannis Xenakis: Mists (1980)
Iannis Xenakis: Eonta (1964)
Iannis Xenakis: Okho(1989)


Mathias Reumert, percussion/conductor
Jonas Olsson, piano
Lorenzo Colombo, percussion
David Hildebrandt, percussion
Marta Soggetti, percussion
Klaes Breiner Nielsen, percussion
Mads Hebsgaard, percussion
Aleš Klančar, trumpet
Oscar Fransson, trumpet
Andras Spang Olsen, trombone
Christian T. Larsen, trombone
Anders Ø. Frandsen, trombone