Ever since the beginning, KLANG Festival has been celebrating the new music in the early summer heat. A lot was different in 2020, this also applied to our festival, which we had to move to November due to covid-19. Despite limitations, we still managed to run KLANG in a safe environment, and we will do everything to ensure that the same is the case this year. But now again in the beginning of summer, as it always has been.

This year we are working with Léonie Sonning's Music Prize for a number of concerts. The award this time goes to South Korean composser Unsuk Chin, one of the most played composers of her generation, and therefore we will of course have a lot of focus on her music. At the same time, we also take the opportunity to put the spotlight on other young Korean composers. In general, this year's festival program is filled with new music by both Danish and international composers from many parts of the world

There is extra good reason to keep an eye on KLANG's website this year. Much can change from the time these words are written and until the festival runs off the stack. There may be additional measures such as communal dining if it turns out to be possible. But we can also risk cancellations or changes in the program, especially at the concerts where the soloists come from abroad. So keep a close eye. However, we cross our fingers that everything goes as planned, and we work hard to create a safe and secure festival full of life and new music.
Welcome to KLANG Festival 2021.

Christian Winther Christensen and Filip Melo
Festival management