Photo: Foto: Priska Ketterer © 2014

The Léoni Sonning Music Prize 2021

UNSUK CHIN / DKDM Chamber Concert

Konservatoriets Koncertsal

31/5 2021, 19:30

Julius Thomsens Gade 1, 1974 Frederiksberg C


Free admission (Pre-booking is not possible, we recommend arriving well in advance)

Unsuk Chin, this year's recipient of the Léonie Sonning Music Prize, is famous for her virtuoso and colorful continuation of musical modernism. But she is also known for her sometimes playful universe, where the seriousness of previous generations is transformed into humor and curious exploration of the boundaries of music.

Not least in Double Bind? for violin and electronics. Here, the play between the acoustic instrument and the synthetic sounds illustrates just a life-long look at the eternal question: What is real and what is artificial?

Actually, Unsuk Chin was supposed to become a pianist, but she grew up in poor conditions where she could not afford professional education. However, her interest in the piano continued, and in addition to a piano concerto, she has written six piano etudes that draw inspiration from Korean and Balinese music, as well as from Olivier Messiaen and György Ligeti, her former teacher.

The ensemble work Gougalon (Scenes from a Street Theater) takes its title from High German and hides the meaning of fooling someone with magic and glare. Chin has explained that the inspiration comes from a comedy troupe she experienced as a child in a suburb of Seoul. The troupe tried to prank the poor inhabitants of inactive medicine and attracted their attention with music, dance and theater. And despite their amateurism, the rare entertainment brought great emotion to the spectators, including Chin.


Unsuk Chin: Double Bind? (2007)
Unsuk Chin: Piano Etudes (1995-2003)
Unsuk Chin: Gougalon (Scenes from a Street Theater) (2009/11)


The concert is part of the Léonie Sonnings Musikfond award ceremony 2021.
The concert is presented in collaboration with the Léonie Sonning Music Foundation and the Royal Danish Academy of Music.