Photo: Foto: Kulturhuset Pilegården

Open Form Festival

OPEN FORM II / TOKE ODIN in the Water Tower

Brønshøj Vandtårn

7/6 2021, 20:00

Brønshøjvej 29,
2700 København


As an ecco, an epilogue, to this year's KLANG Festival, the Danish composer Toke Odin occupies the reverberating Brønshøj Water Tower - a very special acoustic place, which he has worked with on several occasions. He is accompanied by a number of amateur singers, percussion, violin and electronic instruments, and all the glory is presented in collaboration with the Open Form Festival.

On the program is Circle for Amateur Choir and Percussion, a work on how quite small differences in the singers' intonation can be magnified. The inspiration is taken from Toke Odin's work as a choir leader, where over time he has learned to appreciate the variations and complex sounds that an amateur choir can inadvertently produce.

In addition, Sculpture Piece is performed, which was written for the violinist Christine Pryn, and where the musician's task is to read a sculpture of metal rods and wooden balls, as if it were a musical score. Characteristic of the concert and of Odin's work is precisely that the works are not written down with traditional notation, but rather are a collection of rules or sound games, which give the musicians great freedom.

The same freedom characterizes the performance work Interference, where Toke Odin together with Barbara Amalie Skovmand Thomsen wears two large brass cylinders connected by strings. During the performance, one realizes that it requires a lot of foucs and collaboration if the strings are to resonate.

There are also surprises on the program. Both a new work for amateur singers and electronics as well as several works from Odin's back catalog.


Toke Odin: Cirkel (2013)
Toke Odin: Sculpture Piece (2020)
Toke Odin: Interferens (2020)


The concert is presented in collaboration with Open Form festival by Toke Odin.