Superhuman! Collected piano pieces

SCIARRINO III / A celebration of Sonatas

Den Sorte Diamant

4/6 2021, 21:30

Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1
1221 København K


Ticket also gives entrance to "Unsuk Chin / Athelas Sinfonietta og Esbjerg Ensemble" at 7.30 PM.

Performing Salvatore Sciarrino's complete solo piano pieces is, as the Swedish pianist Jonas Olsson puts it, "an inhuman feat that no pianist has ever performed on his own".

But luckily, everything is a little easier when you are two. And fortunately, his Italian colleague Anna D’Errico willing to share the challenge of the intimidating idea of performing the virtuoso and intense works of Sciarrino, the leading Italian composer who is especially famous for his hissing vocal music.

The music comes "almost out of nowhere, bordering on pure silence," says D’Errico about Sciarrino’s piano works. "But then it is interrupted by sudden explosions of sound, almost like an attack, and it makes us prick up our ears and listen in a whole new way."

It requires an incredible sensitivity to perform the music, an ability to convey both the most refined and the animalistic raw sounds. As a pianist, you must both draw on everything you have learned and be willing to let go of it all again. "It's as if he wanted to create a completely new piano sound," says Jonas Olsson.

Over three concerts, D’Errico and Olsson perform the more than two hours of music for solo piano. Each concert builds up to a climax, and the individual works are divided according to the desire to create a thematic context in the music.


Salvatore Sciarrino:

Sonata II (1983)
Sonata V (1995)
Sonata IV (1992)
Dita unite a quattro mani (2000)


The Koncert is the last of three performanges of Sciarrino's pieces for solo piano. The other two are:

Sciarrino I: Tidlige værker og sonater - Tuesday June 1st  at 21:30, Koncertkirken
Sciarrino II: The Nocturnes -  Wednesday June 2d at 21:30, Koncertkirken