Photo: Foto: Anja Limbrunner

Modern Piano pieces



29/5 2021, 20:00

Blågårds Pl. 6A
2200 København


For two decades, Rei Nakamura has worked intensely with music, combining piano, electronics and video in completely new ways. And Nakamura - who was born in Japan, grew up in Brazil and lives in Germany - has searched all corners of the world to find works that can expand the possibilities of modern piano music.

The four pieces at the concert also have a strong international and innovative touch. From Switzerland comes Andreas Eduardo Frank's Sensitive Punch, which is still being prepared as of this writing. Yukiko Watanabe, like Nakamura, was born in Japan but moved as a young student to Austria and then Germany. Her Living in the Box II is inspired by Taki Kentaro's bodily video work of the same name and combines virtuosically scattered tones with completely silent touches in a kind of confinement theater.

Li-Ying Wu, who came from Taiwan to Copenhagen as a young composer, plays a trick on the listener and the viewer with his new work. For what is the pianist playing in The Truth and Other Lies - Shinkiro? What exactly is the right sound, and what is it that we hear?

Also in the Argentine Fernando Manasseros Cortex, there are elements that hide. Small particles of sound move effortlessly between the physical piano and the electronics. Completely dry sounds begin to twinkle, crackling layers of electroacoustic sounds emerge - forming a delicate cloud of impulses.


Andreas Eduardo Frank: Sensitive Punch (2021)

Kentaro Taki: Knappe Berührung (video solo) – WORLD PREMIERE

Fernando Manassero: Cortex (2016-17)

Yukiko Watanabe: Living in the Box II (2013)

Li-Ying Wu: The truth and other lies – Shinkiro – WORLD PREMIERE



The concert is supported by funds from the Goethe Institute.