Photo: Melies - Tentation St. Antoine

Portrait of the female Christ



31/5 2021, 22:00

Blågårds Pl. 6A
2200 København


It is hard to imagine a more original voice in the Danish Contemporary music scene than 35-year-old Jeppe Ernst. Not least because most of his works are virtually silent and because there is always something fundamental at stake in his work.

This is also the case withSacraments (Night Songs). Ernst, according to his own statement, is not a religious person, but is nevertheless fascinated by many rituals of religion. This is revelaed in this piece, which is a portrayal of the female Christ and is written for physical and imaginary touch.

In 2013, he composed Requiem - Part I: The Physical Treatment, in which three female performers played on a naked man's body by touching, licking and kissing him from a rehearsed score. Sacraments (Night Songs) has an identical arrangement, but with the reverse sign; here three men play on a naked female body. The nine songs are divided into three movements: a prelude, a center with physical touch and an afterplay.

The work can be read as a musical ceremony in which a human body is deified through humiliation and worship. It is part of a tetralogy, which also consists of Prelude (Evening Songs), Interludium and Postlude (Morning Songs), the latter of which have not yet been performed.


Jeppe Ernst: Sakramente (Natsange) – WORLD PREMIERE


The work Sacramente is commissioned by KLANG with support from the Danish Composers' Association & KODA culture.
The concert is supported from DMF.


Erica Giacoletto

Kalle Hakosalo

Matias Seibæk

Tomek Szczepaniak