Probably the most beautiful music in the world



30/5 2021, 21:30

Blågårds Pl. 6A
2200 København


Since its establishment in 2014, the quartet NJYD has worked purposefully with experimental music by Danish and international composers who move across genre boundaries. Tonight's concert is an excellent example of this.

With Transfixed written for the quartet, Joss Smith sheds a high-energy and explosive light on NJYD as a hybrid between fusion band and classical ensemble.

In his new work, Jeppe Just Christensen lets the musicians switch between their own instruments and toy versions of the same. But with a twist: when playing the traditional instruments, the music is quite simple, while becoming extremely complex on the toy.

Contrasts abound in Marta Śniady's Probably the most beautiful music in the world, a work with video, text, electronics and references that reaches out of the music. What does the McDonald’s theme suddenly do in the middle of it all?


Joss Smith: Transfixed (2018)
Jeppe Just Christensen: Nyt værk – UROPFØRELSE
Marta Śniady: Probably the most beautiful music in the world (2019)


The concert i produced in collaboration with NJYD with support from DKF, Statens Kunstfond, DMF, William Demant, Københavns Kommune and Århus Kommune Initiativpulje.