3/6 2021, 19:00

Blågårds Pl. 6A
2200 København


The concert is repeated again at 20:30

For Alexandra Hallén, the act of composing is about creating art that does not necessarily reflect her political position, but opens up new questions and discussions of the works.

It happens, she says herself, "by using objects or creating situations that bring out reality in art". Instead of the musician performing her works trying to convey Hallén's feelings, the performer must be "forced to go through his own true feelings and bodily consciousness".

Performance therefore plays an important role in her work, which, incidentally, goes across the arts. It is also revealed with the evening's work titles such as the sober, but tellingly 4 male musicians in high heels with pauper tubes and microphones and 4 female musicians in a metal frame with fabric and microphones.

Hallén, who is herself a cellist, will be accompanied by Krumbuktus, the Copenhagen ensemble, which she founded in 2018. Together, they present the seven experimental works under the heading "Alexandra's Spectacle", where even the imagination does not set limits.


Alexandra Hallén: Introduction – WORLD PREMIERE
Alexandra Hallén: 4 male musicians in high heels with paper tubes and microphones (2020/21)
Alexandra Hallén: Intermezzo I – WORLD PREMIERE
Alexandra Hallén: Let it be (2019/21)
Alexandra Hallén: Intermezzo II – WORLD PREMIERE
Alexandra Hallén: 4 female musicians in a metal frame with fabric and microphones – WORLD PREMIERE
Alexandra Hallén: The end – WORLD PREMIERE


The performance is supported by Dansk Komponistforening & KODA Kultur and Københavns Kommune.