A filmic-musical journey from Copenhagen to Wroclaw


Det Jødiske Hus

4/6 2021, 15:00

Krystalgade 12, 1172 København K


Free entry. Limited seats, we recommend arriving early.

"Film opens doors," Jacob Dammas was told as a young film student. And it turned out to be true. In the documentary KREDENS, he travels from Copenhagen to Wrocław in Poland, from where his mother and family fled in 1969. He visits the apartment building where they lived and tries to enter into a dialogue with the current residents. For what happened to the large, heavy family furniture that was left behind? Is the sideboard - in Polish: "credens" - still left?

The journey ends as a generational meeting between senior citizens who would rather forget the gloomy past, and younger people like Dammas who would like to hear their stories. That way, the film also ends up as a meeting between the director and his own mother who has tried to talk him out of the project.

The tragicomic and honest film has been shown on TV and at festivals around the world since its premiere in 2007. At the screening of the new live version, KREDENS: live, in Det Jødiske Hus, the Swedish composer Stefan Thorsson's music is performed for the film by Martin Bennebo and Lisa Nyeng, and subsequently a Q&A is held with Jacob Dammas.


Jacob Dammas/Stefan Thorsson: KREDENS: live (2020)


The concert is presented in collaboration with the Jewish Culture Festival.
The production is co-financed by the Polish Embassy in Denmark, the Coordination Committee for the Polish Jews in Denmark and the Folkekirke & Religionsmøde. The organizer and producer of the production is JDMedia w/ Jacob Dammas in collaboration with GRANIZA.