Discussion presented by KLANG and Seismograf

The future of music criticism

Konservatoriets Koncertsal

27/5 2021, 18:00

Julius Thomsens Gade 1, 1974 Frederiksberg C


Free entrance

If there is one thing that characterizes our relationship to music, it is that we are very happy to discuss it. How was the concert? Did we like the new piece or not? And what about the musicians, did they play well?

Ever since the Enlightenment, there have been professional music critics. But where it was once specialists who judged the latest tunes, the field today is more diverse, and more Danish critics come from a different background than the strictly music professional. What does this mean for the public conversation about the sounding art? And is there still room for the most complex and concentration-demanding music in music criticism?

Editor-in-chief of the music magazine Seismograf Sune Anderberg moderates a discussion between Thomas Michelsen (music editor, Politiken), Anna Ullman (critic and author) Together they take stock and focus on the challenges of Danish music criticism today, before KLANG kicks off it’s opening concert.

The debate takes place in the Carl Nielsen Foyer before the opening concert for KLANG festival 2021 with Athelas Sinfonietta at 19.30 in the Conservatory's concert hall.

The discusion is presented in collaboration with Seismograf and the Royal Danish Academy of Music.