Photo: Foto: Lars Mikkelsen

Humor, Beauty, Grace

The Band of the Royal Life Guards


5/6 2021, 16:00

August Bournonvilles Passage 5
1055 København


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The lifeguard is back! After the large-scale visit to the KLANG Festival in 2019, The Band of the Royal Life Guards is now returning, conducted by Giordano Bellincampi, with four completely fresh premieres on the program.

In How It Was: Three Tunes from Before, Peter Bruun has borrowed three melodies from the music in his own work The Rain at Sea, which is performed by Ars Nova and the Messiah Quartet earlier in the festival. The subtitle came to him during the work when covid-19 took power - three songs from before the world went low.

American Edward Smaldone has written the clarinet concerto Murmurations for the Music Corps and Søren-Filip Brix Hansen, a musical interpretation of the formations that a large flock of starlings can create when it flies across the sky. And the soloist? He is, of course, one of the starlings that stands out in the crowd and leads the movements of the flock.

Hugi Gudmundsson's sister works Thicket ("scrub") and Chasm ("gap") share a common pastoral atmosphere. In Thicket it emerges from the densely vegetated thickets of woodwinds, in Chasm through the two contrasting movements, "Uncelestial" and "Cosmic Pastorale".

There must also be room for humor. And that's one of the hallmarks of Andy Pape's playful An Americaner in Danmark, playing on Gershwin's An American in Paris. Here, Pape quotes his American colleague as well as himself, his Danish colleagues and a selection of popular Danish songs. Quite in the spirit of the Life Guards, one might add.


Peter Bruun: How It Was: Three Tunes from Before – WORLD PREMIERE
Edward Smaldone: Murmurations – WORLD PREMIERE
Hugi Gudmundsson: Thicket – WORLD PREMIERE
Andy Pape: An Americaner in Danmark (2003/07)
Hugi Gudmundsson: Chasm – WORLD PREMIERE


The concert is presented in collaboration with the Royal Life Guards Music Corps.
* The works have been commissioned by KLANG with support from the Danish Composers' Association & KODA culture and the Statens Kunstfond.