to KLANG 2020

The summer 2020 will always be remembered as the summer when the world stopped turning! KLANG Festival, too, had to alter our planned activities drastically and cancel all of our physical arrangements. Everybody in Denmark suddenly woke up to a new reality. Especially the cultural industries had to wave goodbye to a packed summer of festivals. The consequences of the coronavirus hurt, then and now, for a lot of people!

Even so, 2020 will also be remembered as a year where many were forced to think creatively. Out of the necessity that comes from isolation, new opportunities began to appear. Cultural, social, well, in any way we relate to each other. In cooperation with P2, KLANG organized a radio concert on June 2nd – a uniquely planned concert focusing on the listener and the remote media – and presented a wide range of small ensemble pieces played live. An exciting experiment that would hardly have worked without the challenge of the coronavirus.

The great flexibility shown by our partners, artists and sponsors during this time makes us incredibly grateful. Together we have been able to reschedule, change and convert a number of the many cancelled arrangements of the summer. For this reason alone we can bid you welcome to a very speciel edition of the festival. Welcome to EfterårsKLANG 2020.

The coronavirus is still here causing challenges for all of us. The international situation, in particular, is changing all the time. As a consequence we cannot rule out the possibility that some of our international partners will face restrictions on their journeys resulting in cancellations. We encourage you to stay informed by visiting klang.dk, where you can always see the updated programme of the festival. At klang.dk you can also read about the precautions taken by KLANG to ensure a safe environment for artists and visitors to the festival.

Christian Winther Christensen og Regin Petersen
Festival management

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