Prices and points of sale

IMPORTANT: Due to restrictions on number of seats for all concerts, we encourage you to buy tickets in advance. Ticket links can be found on the individual program pages on this site. For the same reason, we can unfortunately not offer the sale of all-pass cards. Instead, consider buying KLANG's discount cards (read more below)

Tickets can be purchased via the ticket link directly on the concerts' program pages and at the concert venue from 1 hour before the concert starts.

If you have questions about ticket purchases, you are welcome to contact noah[a]

KLANG's discount card BUY HERE
100 DKK.
With KLANG's discount card you can buy tickets for all * KLANG's concerts for half price! If you are considering watching two or more concerts at KLANG, the discount card might be relevant for you. You can see the ticket prices with and without discount via ticket link during the individual concerts.

NB: KLANG's discount card does not in itself give access to concerts. Once you have purchased KLANG's discount card, you must still buy tickets (with a discount) either online or before the concerts. The discount card must be presented together with the discount ticket at the entrance to the concerts

* Family concerts during KLANG in KU.BE are excluded and some events at the Music Museum have a lower discount.

Single tickets
80-120 DKK / 40-60 DKK with discount
See the price of the individual concerts via billetlink uncer each concert

KLANG i KUBE - Family festival
DKK 0 - DKK 40
Most concerts during KLANG in KUBE are free. Some performances cost DKK 40. This price is the same for children and adults.