CANCELLED! Rei Nakamura


6/11 2020, 20:00

Blågårds Pl. 6A
2200 København


CANSELLED! The concert is cancelled. The cancelation is due to travel restrictions caused by corona

In this concert we dive into the meeting between modern piano music and electronics and video. It offers four different takes on how to expand ones conception of the grand piano, four microscopic examinations of the unending possibilities of the instrument. All four pieces are written within the past decade, and though similar in many ways concerning instrumentation and time period, these four pieces differ in their focus on different parts of the spectre between key, electronic sound and picture.

The Truth and Other Lies by Li-Ying Wu for piano and electronics toys with our conception of what is real and what is distorted. What is the pianist actually playing? What are we hearing? What is the original sound, and what do we experience? Watanabe's piece Living in the Box is a sparkling piano piece, the energy of which represents an audible as well as soundless contrasting supplement to the video by Taki Kentaro, which is at the same time bodily and strangely intangible. The piece by Lundén is angrily poetic, and the electronics add a sense of depth to the sounds and exclamations of the piano. The title Verktum is old Swedish for an inch. Maybe the video by Eka Bibleishvili is carefully measuring something? Maybe the inch has nothing to do with the music? The tangled sound of electronics and piano keys is heard in Manassero's Cortex as well. This time combined with a sonority as if from a foreign planet – as a listener one gets a feeling of being addressed by a creature with an advanced use of the sounds we know so well from classical and modern music, a new and compelling use.

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Li-Ying Wu: The truth and other lies – Shinkiro for solo pianist & for piano and ableton live - WORLD PREMIERE*
Yukiko Watanabe: Living in the Box II (2013) for piano and video (Video: Taki Kentaro)
Ida Lundén: Verktum (2012) for piano, video and live electronics
Fernando Manassero: Cortex (2016) for prepared piano and electronics *revised version

* With the support of the Danish Arts Foundation


Rei Nakamura