The expressive power of the body



Archive: 4/11 2020, 20:00

Blågårds Pl. 6A
2200 København


Movement, ie the body's more or less controlled expression, is an obvious parameter for Martin Stauning to use in his works. He himself has been a dancer, he himself has felt what it is like to control the body's expressive power.

At this concert, it is the singer Ly Tran who is the body and the voice. The composer himself writes about the work:
Gestures is a staged work for singers, where the sound and music themselves form the backdrop for the study of repetitive movements and actions, which focus on the body's claustrophobia and the difference between the indifference of a movement and the inherently meaningful nature of a gesture. "


Martin Stauning: Gestures - WORLD PREMIER*


*With the kind support of the Danish Arts Foundation, the Danish Composers Society and KODAs kultur


Ly Tran