String quartett meets young music



7/11 2020, 16:30

Dirch Passers Allé 4
2000 Frederiksberg


NB: Entry to the concert is free. However you are required to show a ticket to the show. Free tickets can be ordered from the ticket link on this oage. Due to restrictions, you are only allowed to see one show per day at KU.BE and we encourage you to leave the venue after your show is finished

The works at the concert are written by composer students and can be experienced by anyone with an interest

Daniel Fladmose is a composer and teacher. At the concert you can experience a number of works for string quartet and more composed by his students. The students are from 12 years and up.


Aske Tengberg (15 år): Installation: Ciclo secco


Thomas Hovgaard: Scherzo

Oliver Tordendahl (MGK Hovedstaden, 1. år): Ibis

Pelle Nyhuus (MGK Sjælland, 2. år): Helgen

Daniel Sepehri (MGK Sjælland 1. År): Viva la revolution

Julius Hartung (12 år): Strygekvartet

Leon Thomsen (12 år): Jætternes hjem

Aske Tengberg (15 år): Den strangulerede konges beretninger

Jonas Wiinblad Schmidt (MGK Sjælland 1. år): The Line

Lukas Sixhøj (MGK Sjælland 1. år): Nyt værk