Photo: Pauli Timonen

Play around with the piece 7th to 8th november

Interactive: ESOPHON for children


7/11 2020, 12:00

Dirch Passers Allé 4
2000 Frederiksberg

Free entrance

Esophon can be tested both days KLANG in KU.BE takes place. The creators of Esophon present the work at KLANG in KU.BE 7 Nov. pm. 12.00. NB: The presentation will be in Danish

Esophon is a sound installation, an instrument that everyone can play, children and their adults, adults and their parents can all touch, play and create music - even at the same time. The esophone has inspirations from monk singing to Machine Learning and was developed by a composer, Anders Monrad, and a game developer, Simon Nielsen.
They say: "The installation is easy to go to and start with, but so rich in possibilities that it is difficult to finish".


Anders Monrad and Simon Nielsen: Esophon


Esophon was comissioned by KLANG-Festival in collaboration with the Music Museum and Strebewerk. When the piece is not part og KLANG i KU.BE, the is displayed at Musikmuseet where it can be seen from nov. 31.

*With the kind support of the Danish Arts Foundation, the Danish Composers Society and KODAs kultur